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This LED set was as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Literally. You screw it in, turn it on, then scream in agony because you didn't think the LEDs would be so bright so you were staring straight at the them. You adjust the leafs to aim the light where you need it and you are good to go!


Brand new home with a 3 car very over sized garage and 10' ceilings. The standard fixtures that had been installed were maybe for a small bedroom or something, never enough. These are more than adequate and the fins make them even more useful. Instead of having to have hanging fixtures for a workshop these simply give plenty of light.


It’s very bright and very a white light. It will make all your other bulbs look weak and dingy. The ability to aim the lights angle works alright but it is at its best shining straight down. I will be getting a couple more to swap in to locations where cfl’s are now.